Caterham CT05#1 2014 F1 Car 

The Steering wheel seems to be the centre of many peoples obsession with F1 so I have added a page that focuses on the CT05 steering wheel. The wheel I have was used by Marcus Ericsson on CT05#1 and in time I will use it but as an early build project focus I have to stick with basic electronics and may move to adding the correct steering wheel after the car is running.

 I have utilised the original PDF's to commission a 3D printed steering wheel for display purposes. The revised 3D drawings go from PDF to the below image. Alongside the drawings are update photos from wheel number 1. I have planned on building a base dummy wheel to start with before trying the wheel with toggle switches etc.

This 3D model wheel will be used for static display only as a final wheel that can be used to drive the car will need me to have the donor car and wiring loom in place to work out what the wheel does or doesn't need to do. The original CT05 steering wheel pictures are below. I managed to track this wheel down in Southern Australia as the guy who bought it at the auction was selling a piece he didn't need and in talking to him I discovered he had the 2014 CT05 steering wheel that was lot number 641 from the 2015 Wyles & Hardy, Caterham F1 Auction.

Based on the code number on the back of my CT05 steering wheel I now know that the wheel I own was used in Jerez during its launch in January 2014 (13 LS 0053 L4)

Comparing the 3D printed wheel with the original

The clutch dial on the original steering wheel

The rubber grip on the original steering wheel

The team used an upgrade to their 2013 steering wheel for the 2014 season but were already working on a later version that never managed to be introduced on CT05#1 That looked like the one below

Below is a 3D printed 2012 CT01 replica steering wheel and the original