Caterham CT05#1 2014 F1 Car 

The 2012 Caterham CT01 was a development of the Lotus Caterham T128. Although the colours were similar the car was aimed at the new Caterham brand and drivers were Kovalainen and Petrov

The chassis design was similar to the T128 and the car ran with a V8 Renault F1 engine.

Chassis #1 & Chassis #2 being built below

Below, fitting a fuel cell in chassis #1 with Chassis #2 tucked around the corner

The build of Chassis 1&2 were tight and Chassis #1 only just made it to the initial Jerez F1 pre-season test. Wind tunnel data (see below) was encouraging and the team had high hopes of serious points for 2012

Typical Mass data below

Rather than list the cars results I have added a few pictures of the car that were taken by the team during the build and season events which have never been seen before outside of Leafield

Above - The rear of the car with its Renault F1 engine covered

Above - The front bulkhead and the inside of the cockpit. This car was CT01#2 which ended up being the R&D car in the Leafield factory. In 2012 it was driven all season by Petrov. Below is a schematic diagram of the inside of the cockpit and the rear brakes

Below is a shot of behind the drivers steering wheel