Caterham CT05#1 2014 F1 Car 

Once the Fabrication was completed to make Caterham CT05#1 a rolling chassis it was time to tackle the Bodywork.

All work has been done by Ben and Pasty who worked at Honda and Red Bull before setting up Comptech Engineering limited. You can contact Ben on Their work is top quality and you can tell the world leading skills used. I recommend using him for high quality bodywork

See below a number of images showing progress up to the last bodywork build images in July 2016. A nose has been sourced and likewise a matching 2014 front wing added. Neither are from the CT05 although by the time the car runs in 2017 the correct nose will be in place.

Ben started by creating a roll hoop cover from the mould I sourced. The below images show how the car has built up since handing it over to Ben in March 2016

Once the bodywork had been completed I chose to have the car wrapped in Hexis Boston green. This was the colour wrap used by Caterham during the 2014 Belgium GP. I chose wrap over paint just in case I need to repair panels or replace ones as I can easily match the colour with wrap, paint could mean a full re-spray.

Partial wrap pictures below, all the work was done by Vehicle Wrapping centre in Leeds

Below: 27th of July 2016, just before the Silverstone Classic. black base but wow!!!

Below - 23rd July 2016

Below: May 2016

As you can see for set up purposes there is a set of Pirelli Formula 4 tyres in situ on a set of Caterham CT01 wheels. The right hand (drivers view) grill is in place but the left hand one has yet to be built. The time scales are bodywork completion by the end of June 2016 before painting and graphics commences. Luckily I purchased a number of graphics from the Caterham auction so they shouldn't be a problem.

Below: 26th of June 2016 the latest progress is below, almost ready for paint.