Caterham CT05#1 2014 F1 Car 

Below are some of the images taken of the build. Starting with the tub in its basic state this is where the build started

Fabrication was carried out by Tom Sweet. Tom is Ex-Red Bull and before that worked at Jaguar and BAR Honda. Tom was recommended to me and he lived up to the recommendations. Tom took that monocoque and then utilised the 2014 regulations to make a wooden template of where the inside of the wheels would be. He then used images I supplied and composite moulds to create by hand wishbones and uprights. A Stewart F1 travel rack was also used to create the steering whilst the car is a show car. Tom also built the engine frame that the gearbox hangs from.

Tom can be contacted via

Once Tom had completed the front suspension and then wrapped it in carbon fibre wrap he moved towards building the engine frame and converting the Midland Gearbox and rear uprights to accept a Caterham CT01 upright. Brilliant work if you ask me

At this point the car now looked like a car again. The wheels were on, uprights and wishbones in place but the car had plenty of damage still as the roll hoop cover had been taken off by Caterham plus various body panels were missing such as fuel flaps, one vent at the side of the cockpit (I managed to track down the other vented side) damage to the floor, damage to the monocoque, wing mirrors removed in fact it needed a lot of work. Tom has done a brilliant job and will be making a chassis stand for me from an old Lotus one I purchased. Tom's company is called Sweet Fabrications and their number is 01327 352 202