Caterham CT05#1 2014 F1 Car 

During the Caterham F1 auction I purchased many parts that I ended up selling but quite a few that were worth keeping for the build. Having built up a BAR Honda previously I knew most of what I needed but still made mistakes and regret not buying certain parts at the time that are now impossible to find.

After buying the monocoque I believed I would have no chance of finding an engine cover or floor as this auction was described as "the last". When I went to collect the tub I asked some of the guys who were clearing the Leafield site and they said they knew where what I wanted was. They ushered me into a room and it was like Christmas. A 2014 CT05 damaged engine cover and floor. I couldn't believe it and immediately asked if I could buy them. The guys from Wyles & Hardy said there would be one more auction and they would be sold at that point. I knew that with the tub an engine cover and floor would make the build a thousand times easier so sold every piece of memorabilia I had to get the cash together for the last auction. I hardly slept and on the day had put aside a budget of £9,000 for both as I knew trying to recreate these parts would be impossible. With luck they were damaged so not as appealing to people so I managed to but both lots for a combined £2,500. I paid and raced to Leafield to collect them, phew!

During the summer of 2015 I moved home and job so the project was on hold. I bought a new house with a double garage (main criteria as I bought a garage with a house attached but don't tell my wife). I assembled the parts together so I could see Caterham CT05#1 together for the first time since 2014 and below are a couple of the pictures I took before the monocoque went off to Tom Sweet for fabrication of the front and rear suspension

Below is a list of parts purchased at the auction and after the auction

  • 107,000 data files from the Caterham F1 server. I purchased these directly from the Administrator. They initially wanted over £20,000 for the files but I had no chance of paying that so my offer of a fraction of that was accepted
  • Set of Pirelli F1 2014 Show tyres - Cost a fortune from memorabilia websites (needed for roller only)
  • Caterham CT05 F1 steering wheel with carry case Part no-LS13-053-04
  • Set of Caterham 2012 CT01 Wheels - Purchased from memorabilia websites (needed for roller only)
  • Set of Caterham 2012 CT01 wheel nuts - Purchased as part of the auction (needed for roller only)
  • Set of Caterham 2012 CT01 Uprights - Front and rear purchased as part of the auction (needed for roller only)
  • 3 sets of Caterham F1 Polstore tool chests - Purchased from e-bay after the Auction
  • Caterham CT05#1 monocoque - Lot 4007 part of the auction
  • Caterham CT05 Head restraint - I purchased  a Kamui Kobayashi one plus a Will Stevens one from Abu Dhabi - Purchased as part of the auction
  • Caterham CT05 Engine cover - Purchased in a later auction it was found at the factory after the first sale of engine covers. This is the actual engine cover that was on Caterham CT05#1 when it crashed in Hungary and has the relevant damage as expected to the rear quarter - Purchased as part of the auction and then was offered a "spare" by a friend who had purchased two, what luck!
  • Caterham CT05 carbon floor - Again purchased later within the last auction and was the floor off Caterham CT05#1 when it crashed in Hungary. Floor damage as expected to the rear quarter.
  • Two 2014 F1 Rear Wing End Plates - Not Caterham but will be painted to look like Caterham ones
  • Rear wing from a Renault F1 car - Already had
  • 2014 F1 nose cone and front wing - Not Caterham but the nose will be painted to look like a later Caterham nose cone - Purchased privately later
  • Marcus Ericsson Caterham CT05 seat - Purchased via E-bay but I couldn't let it go without buying it
  • Midland F1 gearbox and rear wishbones - Already owned (needed for roller only)

The front suspension as a rolling chassis was hand made by Sweet Fabrications but once up and running new front suspension will be needed, adaptation of rear for the Caterham CT01 uprights, engine frame, chassis stand, various fuel flaps, cover plate for the front of monocoque, side vent by head protector, Roll hoop cover.

Below is a replica Marcus Ericsson crash helmet I commissioned, it cost £300 and was made in Argentina. I bought it from a seller on e-bay

Below are a few images of these parts:

Whilst at the auction I purchased a lot of moulds in one batch. It cost around £200 however most were of no use. I did however find the original composite moulds used to build up the carbon moulds that the team used. The ones worth keeping were a set of Rear Wing end plates from the CT05 and a set of 8 composite wish bone moulds which Tom Sweet used as a guide to fabricate the wishbones. When I collected the moulds the van I had hired was soon overloaded and I had to leave some behind. The price I paid for the moulds at around £200 was a bargain however I ended up throwing most away and still have a few today. The composite floor mould was too heavy to move. Whilst moving the ones I had I spoke to a guy collecting other moulds. It turned out to be the farther of the guy who purchased Caterham CT05#3.

I still had a roll hoop cover missing and no nose cone so I trawled the internet hoping someone could help or maybe were stuck with moulds they didn't need. I came across the roll hoop cover mould in Holland and paid £500 for it. Its a large amount of cash but has saved thousands as Ben who is doing the bodywork has used it to create a new roll hoop cover

As for the nose cone, I now have a mould but its cheaper to have a carbon F1 nose adapted until I can find the correct CT05 nose cone, if anyone knows where there is one please help. The CT05#1 ran with an early season nose on but either an early or later season one is needed to complete the build.

I have also had a dummy chassis plate made up, useful as the original was re-used for chassis number 4