Caterham CT05#1 2014 F1 Car 

This web site is dedicated to the rebuilding of the 2014 Caterham F1 car chassis number 1 which was coded as Caterham CT05#1.

Caterham CT05 Technical specification

  • Partners - Renault, Dell, Pirelli, CNN, Truphone
  • Suppliers - Modo, Dmg Mori, Mimaki, CD-Adapco, Linde, VolPunlimited, Faro, Autoglym Motorola, Sparco, Rodac, USI Italia,Takata, Arnest Iwata, Oz Wheels
  • Engine - Renault Energy F1-2014, No of cylinders (V angle) V6 (90 degrees)No of Valves - 24, Max RPM (ICE) 15,000
  • Electronics - FIA standard ECU and FIA Homologated Electronic & electrical system, Fuel - Total, Oil- Total
  • Transmission - Gearbox - Red Bull technologies 8 speed longitudinally-mounted, hydraulic clutch and shift operation, Clutch - AP Racing
  • Chassis - Front suspension: Twin non parallel upper and lower carbon wishbones, pull rod activated torsion bar springs and anti roll bars
  • Rear suspension: Twin non parallel upper and lower carbon wishbones pull rod activated torsion bar springs and anti roll bars Dampers: Caterham F1 Penske
  • Wheel diameter: 13 inch front and rear. Wheels: BBS, Tyres: Pirelli P Zero, Brake pads & discs: Carbon-carbon
  • Dimensions - Length:5000mm, width: 1800mm, Height:950mm, Wheelbase: more than 300mm
  • Formula weight: 691Kgs including driver and camera

Team Personnel

  • Technical Director - John Illey
  • Head of trackside engineering - Gianluca Pisanello
  • Race team Manager - Miodrag Kotur
  • Head of control systems - Yan Gleyo
  • Race Engineers - Angel Beena & Tim Wright
  • Performance Engineers - Nicola Palarchi & Yoshihiro Iwashita
  • System Engineers - David Broadhead, Gemma Lawrence, Alisdair Rowland- Rouse
  • Strategy Engineer - Yash Pathare
  • Chief Mechanic - Stuart Cramp
  • PR Manager - Tabatha Vallis Hailling

Chassis number #1 was first driven by Marcus Ericsson on January 30th 2014 at the Jerez circuit in Spain. I remember standing at the last turn waiting for the launch and after lunch CT05#1 rolled out, did one lap and promptly returned to the pit garage. The Renault hybrid power unit was unreliable and all Renault teams suffered with issues during that test. On day 2 Marcus Ericsson drove the car again before handing it to Robin Frijns on day three and Kamui Kobayashi on the fourth and final day of testing. Chassis #1 was sent to Australia whilst chassis #2 was used in the next pre-season test.

Marcus Ericsson used the chassis for the first eleven Grand Prix's of the 2014 season and as no "T" or spare cars were allowed under FIA rules the chassis was used in every session that Marcus took part in. Chassis CT05#1 was also used during the "in season" F1 test held at the Silverstone circuit in the UK for two days following the 2014 British Grand Prix. This test took place on the 8th and 9th of July 2014.

Will Stevens drove chassis #1 on the 8th of July with Julian Leal taking over on the 9th of July 2014.

Chassis CT05#1 continued to be raced by Marcus Ericsson until the 2014 Hungarian Grand Prix. During this race Marcus Ericsson crashed out of the Grand Prix on lap 7 when he touched the white painted strips on the edge of the circuit. Contact with these on a damp track sent Marcus into the barrier with a force equivalent to 25G. At this point the race was over and Chassis CT05#1 was sent back to the Caterham F1 factory in Leafield England for repair.

Cash shortages within the team meant that repair was started but never finished. The chassis stayed in the factory and was even destined to be disposed of on more than one occasion. Luckily it was left alone and through the demise of the Caterham Formula one team the assets being sold led to the monocoque or "tub" being purchased by myself. This web site details what happened next along with more information on the 2014 Caterham CT05#1 car.