Caterham CT05#1 2014 F1 Car 

Most of the below pictures were taken by myself during 2014 and feature Caterham CT05#1

My first experience of seeing Caterham CT05'1 was back in late 2013. I won an E-Bay auction in October 2013 for a factory tour of Caterham at Leafield. I paid £65 for each space and three friends plus myself went to the factory in Leafield. We were not allowed to take pictures but did get shown chassis #1 and chassis#2 in the final build stages. They were hard to distinguish from any other chassis and were unpainted carbon but now I know I first looked at my own Caterham CT05#1 before it was ever launched. At that point even the 2014 season colour was a secret and the drivers had not been announced.

 In 2015 once the Caterham Administrators auctions had ended I approached Wyles & Hardy to see if I could buy technical information from the server at the factory. Their first quote was £20,000 which I walked away from however I did purchase (after months of negotiation) a large number of data files from the Administrators of the Caterham F1 team and found the below two images of Caterham CT05#1 prior to it being shipped to Jerez in January 2014. On my Twitter feed ( ) you can see additional pictures and videos that were saved by the team onto the Caterham server

Below are images I have taken of my Caterham CT05#1 car before its GP career ended

Jerez January 2014. Marcus Ericsson & Robin Frijns in the launch specification of Caterham CT05#1. I go to the F1 pre-season testing every year as the cost of a flight is around £70 and Hotels are cheap plus daily entry is around £15 per person. Sometimes I will opt for a V.I.P day at a test that gets you into the paddock (for about 10 minutes) but also gives you a better view of the cars for photographs, this tends to be around £250 per person. In Jerez we met a friend of a friend and somehow ended up in pit lane for two hours before I was chucked out for not having the right credentials. By then I had taken several pictures that are now priceless.

Barcelona May 14th 2014, CT05#1 is packed away after the Spanish Grand Prix. The team members gave me a few funny looks at the time as they didn't want me photographing their car, these were really useful images for the Fabricator in building up the front end. I had paid £250 for access to above the pits. Caterham had stopped testing because Kamui Kobayashi had crashed chassis #3. They were probably scared that a further crash could mean missing the Monaco GP so packed the cars away. Pure luck meant I arrived early (like a big kid) and spotted Chassis #1 being packed away. No V.I.Ps were about, in fact hardly anyone was about but I managed to grab these pictures of my car. Something I still find hard to believe.

Silverstone In season Tyre test, Will Stevens Caterham CT05#1 8th July 2014. I took the above pictures during the test and at the end of the day did the pit walk with around 2,000 other people. I think I have been so lucky to have seen and photograph my car so many times. I think the tickets were around £15 per day

In addition to these pictures I have around 3,000 images either downloaded from web sites or purchased directly from a couple of F1 accredited photographers who have been kind enough to supply me with their original files specifically due to the re-build. I can now document the cars history with all this information. Thank you to James Moy, Charles Coates, Octane motorsports photography, Scarbs plus many more

A few downloaded from Jerez

 I am trying to limit the number of professional images I use on this site due to copyright issues.