Caterham CT05#1 2014 F1 Car 

DRS routing from the original 2014 CT05 design drawings plus the original Brake By Wire (BBW) design layout

Development of the car was planned back in 2013 however a 2014 development calendar was drawn up for in season development.

The chassis itself was originally designed in 2013 however as a chassis does not evolve throughout the year usually a main design remained with bodywork being evolved. This was the CT05 chassis. There was a CT01 chassis that was used in 2012, a CT03 chassis, used in 2013 and the CT05 chassis that was used in 2014.

Nose cones and subtle bodywork changes were made throughout 2014, a 2014 steering wheel with a larger screen was tested once but never used. The team choosing to stick with the 2013 steering wheel