Caterham CT05#1 2014 F1 Car 

On this page I will show the latest updates from the build.

16th September 2017

9th July 2017

20th May 2017

Engine brackets now in place with the engine being offered up

Upper and lower brackets in design and actually fitted to the chassis

Front suspension design comparisons to the original CT05 carbon wish bones


October 2016, wheels now painted silver to be similar to the Oz ones used in 2014, black rubber paint added to the gearbox as the original would have been carbon fibre and the air ducts are now bonded in

October 2016, sidepod carbon air vents, wheel centre caps added plus the exhaust slotted in.

10th September 2016-Silverstone Classic event 29th to the 31st of July 2016. You can see the car is now built as a roller in matt black. This is the base coat for the green top paint however the final green coat will not be painted until after the gearbox, engine and mechanicals are all completed as the last thing I need to do is worry about the metallic paint being chipped during the build.