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This web site is dedicated to recording the rebuilding from monocoque upwards of the 2014 F1 car Caterham CT05#1. The car was driven by Marcus Ericsson in the first 11 Formula One Grand Prix's of 2014.


The aim is to have the car running by early 2018 in a form that is manageable for a small group of people. All the work has been done on a tight budget and total build costs will be low. The car has been built from a stripped monocoque and is currently a rolling chassis. Running gear will be added however full specifications will be updated once the project is completed. Thanks to Tom Sweet, Ben, Pasty, Andrew from As Pro Engineering & Andy from Solutions Racing. In addition the team at Wyles & Hardy have helped so thank you to David, Matt and Terry

Latest update, 11th November 2017 - Design work on the front rockers and inboard suspension are continuing and nearly there

We had a step forward week last week with the fault on the wiring loom finally being traced to the cut off. With that removed the cockpit dash lit up and the engine received power for the first time. Its clear that the Formula Renault I purchased from Hillspeed was full of issues which they knew about but clearly didn't tell me.

The next meaningful updates will come from the build in mid November which I will share on Twitter, Facebook and more details will be shared on this page


The dash will probably be used in the car as the AIM steering wheel I purchased doesn't seem to want to work with the ECU but that's a minor issue I can fix next winter. For now its focusing on fitting spark plugs and pumping petrol into the car to have a successful fire up by mid November 2017. A video can be found here:

At the rear end there will be a spacer between the gearbox and engine to extend the wheel base of the original Formula Renault car. Once that is in place the exhaust can be re-routed across the top of the gearbox as the original turbo power unit would have done. This way the rear of the car will have one central exhaust.

Design work does still continues around the inside of the bulkhead to secure the revise front suspension. After a few delays I can confirm the car will be running by the first week of December 2017 thanks to Solutions racing and design work by As Pro Engineering should be completed by the end of January 2018 for all suspension parts meaning the car will be on track at the start of May 2018 for suitable demonstration events. Current work is on the inside of the monocoque on the rockers

You can see from the below image that a 4 Cylinder in line engine only just fits into what was a V6 Renault Power unit. I am using the original Formula Renault air intake and the side pods will provide more than enough cooling for the radiators.

Diary of the Build

April 2015, Caterham auction Leafield. Initial purchase of Caterham CT05#1 that was badged up as Lot 4007, CT05#3 however it did not have the chassis plate attached. I have since found that the chassis plate was taken from Chassis number 1 and altered for Chassis 4 which was built in a hurry between Hungary 2014 and Belgium 2014

Within weeks I also purchased the engine cover and floor, also from the crash in the Hungarian GP 2014. Below was my starting point in 2015

September 2015 - Having moved home and after extensive research I passed the chassis to Tom Sweet from Sweet Fabrications who then took the 2014 FIA regulations and built a set of front suspension that would make Caterham CT05#1 roll again as a show car

May 2016 - By now Caterham CT05#1 was rolling again but had serious bodywork shortages such as the roll hoop cover missing and the car was passed to Ben and Pasty at Computech LTD to start investigating how they could bring it back up to show car standards.

July 2016 - Bodywork completed, repairs carried out and matt black base coat added the car was then shown in matt black at the 2016 Silverstone classic, There were a few things that were not spot on but we were almost there with the basic build back to F1 car

October 2016 - The car was then wrapped in the original Caterham CT05 colours, as used by the team in Belgium 2014. I chose to wrap the car rather than painting it so that panels could be matched or any bodywork changes could be blended in. The car would originally have been painted rather than wrapped.

December 2016 - Caterham CT05#1 is taken to be measured for the adaptation worked required to get her running again. First of all fitting an engine. The original Renault F1 Hybrid was not an option based on availability and cost so I opted for a 4 cylinder 2 ltr Renault engine. Adapter brackets were required and Andrew at As Pro Engineering designed these for me.

April 2017 - As I do not intend to use the highly demanding upright and breaking system originally designed for the car I am using a much lower specification set of uprights and brakes. The cost of manufacture for the original set, even if I had them made on a budget would be in excess of £100,000. The set I am using will be at a fraction of that and still function in line with the demands of the car.

 May 2017 - Upright design well underway and now the engine brackets are back from manufacture meaning the build can start coming together with the engine being fitted onto the chassis

June 2017 - Engine fitted and ready to work

The former Grand Prix car raced in 11 GPs in 2014 as was driven in each race by Marcus Ericsson. The car was tested by Marcus Ericsson, Kamui Kobayashi and Robin Frijns in Jerez, January 2014 and used in the Mid season Silverstone F1 test in July 2014 by Will Stevens and Julian Leal. If you have any photographs of any of these events or were at the first 11 GP weekends in 2014 and have photographs you took at the event please drop me a mail as I am happy to share them on this web site

Marcus scored an 11th place in Caterham CT05#1 in Monaco in 2014, this would turn out to be the highest place finish for Caterham in 2014 and was only one place from scoring a World Championship point. That one point may have kept Caterham F1 running, as Manor or Marussia fans will know as the two points scored by Jules Bianchi in Monaco 2014 kept the team alive as it still races today under the name of Manor.

Artwork above by James Potts at Racing Line Designs and Greg Tillett

Background information- The CT05#1 was for sale in the Administrators Auction In May 2015 and was a tub, stripped down and sold as Kamui Kobayashi's 2014 car that he had crashed in testing in May 2014. I was a spectator at that test so wanted to buy the tub as a souvenir and potential project. Little did I know that a year later I would have a car that was actually Marcus Ericssons and had competed 11 races plus one that  I had seen several times in 2014.

I had first seen Caterham CT05#1 when I visited the Caterham F1 factory in December 2013 and then watched its first lap in Jerez in January 2014. Seen it in Barcelona in May 2014, Silverstone for the GP in July and then again in a two day test in July 2014 at Silverstone when it was driven by Will Stevens and Julian Leal.

I built the car up with the help of professionals from a tub, through to sourcing the engine cover, floor and then with the help of ex Red Bull staff have been building it back up to its former glory. The aim is to have it built to be a show car in 2016 and on display at the Silverstone classic before it is ready over the winter of 2016 for more work.

With regards to myself, I don't work in F1 but have followed it for years. I was hooked on motorsport from the age of 12 when I first went to Brands Hatch to see Barry Sheene and Phil Read race in the October 1976 Power bike international meeting. Since then I have missed school,  missed work and generally been a pain in following racing. I have been to quite a few Grand Prix's and usually attend the F1 pre-season testing in Spain as its cheap and also gives you great access to F1 without the restrictions a GP weekend can bring.

In 2008 I decided I wanted an F1 car after years of looking at them but I couldn't afford one so I built a shed in the garden big enough to fit one in and started building my own BAR03-02 after buying a crashed tub from the internet.

I built up the 2001 BAR Honda F1 car in my shed several years ago and since then wanted another project. I sold the BAR03#2 as I had spotted a fully built and rolling BAR03#5 which was the car Jacques Villeneuve drove to BAR Honda's 1st podium back in Spain in 2001. The seller wanted shot of this dusty car so I used the money from the car I had built plus a large bank loan and then bought this GP car which had scored a podium as well as being raced in Imola and Austria back in 2001.

This project has been bigger than expected but I have stuck to a budget for the build that is the equivalent of a new Ford Focus car. This is a hobby, I'm not rich, don't have a Ferrari and work in a normal job for a normal company, I have built this car back up as I owe it the dignity a GP car deserves. This has been twenty times harder but far more rewarding. Delays to the design have led to delays in running so the car will not be ready for the track until early 2018 now.

Below is the BAR03#2 I built plus myself with Barry Sheene on a Wednesday test at Brands Hatch in 1978. I was hooked on Motorsport from around 12 years old as I couldn't believe the access you had back in the 1970's to World Champions who were mainly really great people.

My first F1 car, a 2001 BAR03-5 that came third in the 2001 Spanish Grand Prix (below). I bought this with the help of a large Bank loan from a car dealership who just needed the room back as they had purchased two F1 cars from Honda on a Whim back in 2010.

BAR03#5 at the Silverstone Classic press day in 2016 at the Silverstone Wing. You can see how much attention had been spent on BAR03#5 as she looked much more like she should.

My first F1 car, built in my shed and sourced over a three year period. Its a BAR03 chassis and is now being completed in Europe